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Writing an Effective Teenage CV: A Practical Approach

A professional CV increases your chances of landing a job by ensuring that you leave a strong first impression on prospective employers. Teenage CVs can vary from traditional ones owing to a lack of schooling or experience, but it’s still necessary that they adhere to the same organizational structure and emphasize the same relevant talents. A strong teenage CV highlights your individuality and excitement for the position. In this post, we go through what a teen CV should have, offer success recommendations, and give you a template for getting started.

What should be on a teenage CV?

Teenage CVs incorporate some typical CV components while highlighting different skills and experiences. It’s crucial to limit the sections you add to those where you have pertinent information to share to prevent your CV from being overly lengthy. A teenage CV may typically have the following components:

  • Education: Mention your school’s name as well as any grades, including GCSEs, A-levels, and any diplomas. Include any other pertinent courses, such as career-related or professional ones.
  • Any employment history: Include any employment you’ve had, and list your responsibilities in bullet form beneath each job title. Your work history should be shown in reverse chronological order, with the most current title at the top and subsequent titles listed in decreasing order.
  • Skills: Describe your skills concerning the job you’re applying for. Try matching them to those specified in the job description or job advertisement to achieve this.
  • Interests and Hobbies: Include any pursuits that show knowledge or experience relevant to the career you’re looking for. Include any accolades, awards, or accomplishments from your education, work history, or extracurricular activities if you have received them.

Why should teenagers have a resume?

A CV might help you stand out from other applicants your age whether you’re a teenager seeking for an internship, professional experience, or a job. This gives you an advantage over rivals and demonstrates how much you value professionalism. A teenage CV shows employers right away that you are responsible and considerate even before you have a job. This is because you have given them all the information they need. Additionally, it demonstrates your seriousness, desire, and willingness to put in the necessary effort to succeed in your objectives.

Nowadays, some employers want recommendation letters from former employers or instructors to back up a teenager’s application. You can let them know what you’ve accomplished by having your CV available. They might refer to this reminder when writing their letter of recommendation.

A CV, or curriculum vitae, is important for teenagers for several reasons:

  • Demonstrating skills and experiences: A CV allows teenagers to showcase their skills, experiences, and accomplishments, even if they have a limited work history. It provides a comprehensive overview of their abilities, including academic achievements, extracurricular activities, volunteer work, and any part-time jobs or internships they have undertaken.
  • Building a professional image: Having a well-structured and professional-looking CV helps teenagers present themselves in a positive light. It shows that they are organized, proactive, and serious about their personal and professional development.
  • Applying for part-time jobs and internships: Many teenagers seek part-time jobs or internships to gain work experience and earn some income. A CV is essential when applying for these opportunities as it provides employers with the necessary information to evaluate a teenager’s suitability for the role.
  • Applying for scholarships or educational programs: Some scholarships and educational programs require teenagers to submit a CV as part of the application process. A comprehensive CV helps them highlight their achievements, academic qualifications, leadership roles, and any other relevant experiences that make them stand out as deserving candidates.
  • Developing essential skills: Creating a CV helps teenagers develop valuable skills such as organization, time management, and effective communication. It requires them to reflect on their experiences, identify their strengths, and articulate them clearly and concisely.

Overall, a CV is an important tool for teenagers to showcase their capabilities, demonstrate their potential, and make a strong impression on potential employers, scholarship committees, or educational institutions. It helps them stand out in a competitive landscape and paves the way for future opportunities and success.

Advice for creating a strong teenage CV

Although there are no two identical teenager CVs, there are some recommended practices that should be followed. When drafting your CV, keep in mind that you can use examples from all areas of your life to demonstrate your excitement and the talents that companies are seeking. Here are some practical pointers for drafting an adolescent CV:

Carefully review the job description.

Always customize your CV for the job you’re applying for. The easiest approach to ensure this is to thoroughly study the job description before you start writing. Remember to emphasize and list any duties or obligations listed in the job description which you can support with examples from your own experience. Recruiters prioritize the criteria listed in the job description, therefore make sure that you include them in your application by using keywords and concrete instances of how you’ve applied the requirements.

Provide quantifiable statistics

Employers love it when you offer quantifiable proof of your accomplishments. For instance, mention your excellent passing rate in a course or subject that applies to the job. Use this instance to demonstrate that you have exceptional leadership characteristics if your team’s neighborhood athletic team has seen a run of victories thanks to your leadership abilities. When it comes to presenting quantifiable data, think outside the box because even the smallest accomplishment can have a big impact on your resume.

Add a personal statement

A personal statement should be included on your CV if you are seeking your first employment opportunity and have no prior work experience. Explain your future job ambitions and intentions in your personal statement. Additionally, you can utilize your personal statement to provide a succinct overview of the talents and credentials you wish to emphasize most.

Your personal statement should just contain two to three sentences. Its goal is to provide recruiters with a brief synopsis of your resume. Make sure your personal statement is appropriate for the position you are applying for.

Employ a template

Because the information doesn’t match the widely used samples, several youngsters have trouble structuring a teenage CV. When drafting your teenage CV, using a template can give you a head start and put you on an appropriate track. For instance, CV templates can be useful in:

  • Format
  • Language
  • Layout
  • Tone
  • How to describe your skills
  • Ideas based on relevant experience
  • Accomplishments to mention

Provide your contact information first.

Your teen’s CV should include their contact information, which is crucial. This is because they make it possible for employers to contact you on the following step in the application process. At the beginning of your CV, clearly and concisely list your full name, address, phone number, and email.

Include links to any additional information you may have about experts who can provide references or letters of recommendation in support of your application underneath your typical contact details. It’s better to avoid providing specifics about your age, national insurance number, or any other unnecessary personal information because employers frequently ask for further information when you’re employed. Instead, concentrate on making certain that your email address and basic contact details are appropriate and professional.

Be succinct and to the point.

Employers often recognize the fact that a teenage CV tends to be less content-heavy than a conventional CV. It’s unnecessary to strive to lengthen your CV by adding unimportant material that takes away from your relevant qualifications and experience. Since they normally have a large number of CVs to analyze, employers often prefer those that are brief and to the point. Keep your sentences brief and omit any material that is not pertinent to the job.

Carefully proofread your resume.

By proofreading your resume, you can ensure that any mistakes or grammatical issues are found and fixed as necessary. When you submit a CV that has grammatical or other errors, it reflects poorly on your professionalism and shows that you didn’t give your application the attention it deserves. Don’t forget to proofread your resume for any formatting or structural errors.

Obtain a second opinion

If you have never written a CV before, contact relatives or teachers for assistance. They can provide helpful advice. They are more likely to comprehend the hiring procedure and how to tweak your resume to meet their requirements. In case you missed any mistakes while proofreading your application, a second set of eyes is also helpful.

Template and sample of a teens CV

You can use the following easy sample and template to create your teen CV:


Use the following format to write an effective teen CV:

[Your name]


[Telephone number]

[Email address]

[Link to a portfolio or professional profile]

Objective statement [Use this area to discuss your background, how it qualifies you for the position, and your long-term professional objectives.]

Experience (in reverse chronological sequence)

[Title of the position], [Company Name], and [Start and End Dates of Employment]

  • [Bullet points accompanied with duties]


[School and dates of attendance]

[Include any certifications, training programs, or expected grades you have attained]


  • [Highlight pertinent skills for the post.]

Honors and accomplishments

  • [Include any honors or accomplishments here.]

Hobbies and passions

  • [List any related hobbies or volunteer work you have undertaken in this section].


Here is a sample of a competent teenage CV:

Natalie Harris

Lady Park, London, England

L2 4567


Objective statement

A motivated student looking for a retail job that will allow her to put her interpersonal and organizational talents to use in a real-world setting. She has a strong academic record and demonstrated communication abilities.


Summer Camp Director, October 2019–Present

  • Welcomed campers, escorted them to their rooms, observed maintenance orders, looked out for campers’ welfare, and spoke with them, giving them activity guides and responding to any queries.
  • Kept meticulous time records and weekly included them in the work schedule
  • Across two summers, a 35% increase in campers participating in group activities.


  • A year 11 student at the London High School,
  • At this time, I’m on track to receive As in all of my GCSEs, including science and math.

Communication abilities

  • Self-motivated
  • Aptitude for solving issues
  • Relationship skills
  • Organizational abilities


I exercise frequently and participate in regional competitions as the head coach of the football squad at London High School. My leadership abilities have helped the club to nine straight victories and propelled us to the top of the league standings.


In conclusion, writing an effective teenage CV is crucial for teenagers as it allows them to present their skills, experiences, and achievements in a professional and organized manner. A well-crafted CV helps teenagers stand out among their peers and demonstrates their readiness for part-time jobs, internships, scholarships, or educational programs. By creating a comprehensive CV, teenagers not only showcase their qualifications but also develop important skills such as organization, time management, and effective communication. Ultimately, a strong teenage CV sets the foundation for future success and opens doors to a wide range of opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions about Teenage CVs

  • What should I include in my teenage CV?

In your teenage CV, include your personal information, such as name, contact details, and address. List your education, including your current school, grades, and any relevant coursework. Highlight any volunteer work, part-time jobs, or extracurricular activities you have participated in. Include any relevant skills or certifications you have acquired, such as computer skills or language proficiency.

  • How long should my teenage CV be?

It is recommended to keep your teenage CV concise and focused. Aim for one to two pages, highlighting the most relevant information. Avoid excessive details or unnecessary information that may make the CV too lengthy.

  • What if I don’t have any work experience to include in my teenage CV?

If you don’t have any formal work experience, focus on other aspects that showcase your skills and abilities. Include volunteer work, school projects, leadership roles in clubs or organizations, or any relevant workshops or courses you have completed. Highlight transferable skills such as teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and time management.

  • Should I include references in my teenage CV?

It is not necessary to include references in your teenage CV. Instead, you can provide a statement such as “References available upon request.” However, it is a good idea to prepare a separate list of references with their contact information, which you can provide if requested during the application process.

  • Should I customize my teenage CV for each job application?

Yes, it is highly recommended to tailor your teenage CV for each job application. Carefully review the job requirements and description and modify your CV accordingly to highlight the most relevant skills and experiences. This shows the employer that you have taken the time to understand their needs and are genuinely interested in the position.

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