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How to format accounts payable CV (with sample)

You must learn how to convince hiring managers that you are the right candidate for the position if you’re interested in working as an accounts payable manager. A combination of abilities and experience from the relevant industry is needed to succeed as an accounts payable manager. When putting in an application for the position of accounts payable manager, it’s crucial to understand how to showcase the appropriate credentials on an accounts payable CV. In this post, we discuss the responsibilities of accounts payable manager and provide writing tips for an effective accounts payable CV.

What exactly are an accounts payable manager?

An accounts payable manager oversees the payment of invoices on time and the maintenance of accurate financial records to manage an organization’s finances. To develop, modify, and approve specific financial records, they frequently collaborate with a group of financial experts, like accounting clerks. Larger businesses that routinely handle high amounts of invoices are more likely to have this position available.

An Accounts Payable Manager, often referred to as an AP Manager, is a professional responsible for overseeing and managing the accounts payable function within an organization. This role is critical to ensuring the efficient and accurate processing of invoices, payments to vendors, and compliance with financial policies and regulations. Here are the key responsibilities and duties of an Accounts Payable Manager:

  1. Invoice Processing: AP Managers are responsible for supervising the processing of invoices received from vendors and suppliers. This includes verifying the accuracy and completeness of invoices, ensuring proper coding and approval, and entering them into the accounting system.
  2. Payment Processing: They oversee the timely and accurate payment of invoices. This involves scheduling payments, selecting appropriate payment methods (e.g., checks, electronic funds transfers), and ensuring payments are made within agreed-upon terms to take advantage of discounts and avoid late fees.
  3. Vendor Relations: AP Managers maintain relationships with vendors and suppliers. They address any inquiries or issues related to payments, resolve discrepancies, and negotiate payment terms when necessary.
  4. Financial Record Keeping: They maintain accurate and up-to-date financial records related to accounts payable transactions. This includes reconciling accounts, preparing reports, and ensuring compliance with accounting standards and regulations.
  5. Expense Control: AP Managers work to optimize expense control by identifying opportunities to streamline processes, negotiate favorable terms with vendors, and implement cost-saving measures.
  6. Supervision and Team Management: In larger organizations, AP Managers may lead a team of accounts payable professionals. They are responsible for hiring, training, and evaluating team members, as well as ensuring that the department operates efficiently.
  7. Compliance: AP Managers must ensure that the accounts payable process complies with internal financial policies and external regulations, such as tax laws and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).
  8. Reporting: They generate reports and provide financial data to management, helping with decision-making and financial analysis.
  9. Process Improvement: AP Managers are often tasked with identifying opportunities for process improvement, implementing automation or software solutions to enhance efficiency, and reducing the risk of errors or fraud.
  10. Audit Preparation: They prepare for and participate in financial audits by providing necessary documentation and explanations of accounts payable processes.
  11. Cash Flow Management: Monitoring cash flow and ensuring that payments are made in a manner that aligns with the organization’s cash management strategy.
  12. Vendor Selection: Collaborating with the procurement department to evaluate and select vendors based on criteria such as quality, cost, and reliability.

Overall, the role of an Accounts Payable Manager is pivotal in maintaining the financial health of an organization. They play a key role in managing expenses, ensuring vendor relationships are maintained, and facilitating accurate financial reporting. An effective AP Manager contributes to the organization’s financial stability and helps prevent financial irregularities or discrepancies.

How to format an accounts payable CV

You can use the following steps to create accounts payable CV:

1. Pick a suitable format and incorporate your contact details.

To hold the reader’s interest and convey information, your accounts payable CV should be formatted logically and simply. Use sections to organize information about credentials, abilities, and employment history. Use a professional-looking, legible font style like Arial or Verdana. Include your contact details at the beginning of your accounts payable CV, including an accessible phone number and an email address that presents well. This enables a hiring manager to get in touch with you for job-related follow-up.

2. Start with a professional summary.

Add a section in your resume for your professional summary that sums up your qualifications for the position of accounts payable manager right after your contact information. It’s advisable to reduce this portion to three sentences or less because recruiters might not have the patience to read lengthy paragraphs. You can include your years of experience, relevant qualifications, and level of enthusiasm for the sector.

3. Add a section for your employment history.

Make a part of your accounts payable CV that concentrates on your professional background and work experience. From most current to oldest, list your past positions. Include information like your employment’s start and finish dates, the company name, the position you held there, and any noteworthy duties or accomplishments. Concentrate on the aspects of each position that most closely resemble the one you’re applying for, like the responsibilities associated with finances, bookkeeping, and cash management.

4. Including an education part

Make a separate area for your schooling and credentials. Before going backward in time to discuss your other qualifications, begin by listing your most current and advanced qualifications. The length of this segment can be reduced if you have a lot of experience.

5. Add a section on skills

A skills section helps mention any other talents you want to emphasize to a prospective employer. To succeed in the position of accounts payable manager, one needs a combination of soft and technical abilities. Look at job descriptions to determine what qualifications businesses are looking for. You can modify your talents section to correspond with each job posting. Common abilities for this position include:

  • Spreadsheets
  • Communication
  • Numeracy
  • Leadership
  • Problem-solving
  • Attention to detail
  • Negotiation

6. Add a section for memberships or certifications

Consider including a section that highlights your professional qualifications or participation in industry organizations to further distinguish yourself from other applicants for the position. You can demonstrate your recognition within the industry by including this section. Membership information is a fantastic way to demonstrate your enthusiasm for and dedication to the field and position you’re looking for.

7. Check your completed accounts payable CV for errors.

It’s crucial to reread your accounts payable CV after you’ve finished it to catch any formatting, spelling, or punctuation errors. Additionally, it’s crucial to confirm the accuracy of all the data, including names and dates. You can also enlist the assistance of friends, relatives, or coworkers to edit your resume. They could point out errors you overlooked or offer an alternative viewpoint on how to demonstrate your qualifications. A flawless accounts payable CV can demonstrate your focus on detail, which is a necessary quality for employment involving accounting.

How to write an effective accounts payable manager CV

Here are some guidelines to make your accounts payable CV more attractive and potent:

  • Maintain a consistent format. To give the accounts payable CV a more professional appearance, maintain consistency in formatting. Make sure, for instance, that you detail each of your prior responsibilities in the experience section using the same format.
  • Customize each CV. It’s crucial to customize your accounts payable CV for every job application because doing so might help you demonstrate your interest in the position and the company. You can incorporate keywords and adjust your accounts payable CV’s language and tone to meet a job description.
  • Revise your CV. If you evolve in your work by earning new certifications, receiving promotions, or learning new abilities, be sure to update your resume regularly. By doing this, you can make sure the information is current and better prepare your applications should you decide to look for new employment.

Skills for an accounts payable manager CV

When crafting a CV for an Accounts Payable Manager position, it’s essential to showcase a combination of technical, managerial, and interpersonal skills. Here are some key skills to include on your Accounts Payable CV:

  1. Accounts Payable Expertise: Demonstrate your in-depth knowledge of accounts payable processes, including invoice processing, vendor management, payment scheduling, and reconciliation.
  2. Financial Software Proficiency: Highlight your proficiency in using accounting software such as QuickBooks, SAP, Oracle, or other relevant systems. Mention any certifications or advanced training related to these software programs.
  3. Financial Compliance: Showcase your understanding of financial regulations, accounting principles (GAAP/IFRS), and your commitment to ensuring compliance with internal policies and external laws.
  4. Vendor Relations: Emphasize your ability to build and maintain positive relationships with vendors, negotiate favorable payment terms, resolve disputes, and manage vendor accounts effectively.
  5. Process Improvement: Highlight your track record of identifying and implementing process improvements to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness within the accounts payable department.
  6. Leadership and Team Management: If you have experience leading an accounts payable team, outline your leadership skills, including team development, performance evaluation, and project management.
  7. Communication Skills: Mention your strong communication skills, which are crucial for collaborating with vendors, colleagues, and auditors, as well as for presenting financial data to stakeholders.
  8. Analytical Abilities: Highlight your ability to analyze financial data, detect discrepancies, and make data-driven decisions to improve accounts payable processes.
  9. Problem-Solving: Showcase your problem-solving skills by describing how you’ve resolved complex issues related to accounts payable, including discrepancies and disputes.
  10. Time Management: Emphasize your organizational and time management skills, which enable you to handle multiple tasks, meet deadlines, and prioritize work effectively.
  11. Attention to Detail: Mention your keen attention to detail, which is essential for accurately processing invoices, reconciling accounts, and preventing errors.
  12. Audit Preparedness: Describe your role in preparing for financial audits and your success in achieving audit compliance, including maintaining accurate records and documentation.
  13. Project Management: If you’ve led or participated in accounts payable-related projects, provide examples of successful project outcomes and your project management skills.
  14. Strategic Thinking: Highlight your ability to develop and implement strategic initiatives to optimize accounts payable processes and contribute to the organization’s financial goals.
  15. Adaptability: Showcase your adaptability in staying current with industry trends, technological advancements, and changes in financial regulations to ensure best practices in accounts payable.
  16. Conflict Resolution: Mention your skills in resolving conflicts and disputes, both within the accounts payable department and in vendor relationships.
  17. Leadership in Change Management: If you’ve been involved in change management initiatives, describe your ability to lead teams through transitions, such as system upgrades or process reengineering.

Tailoring your accounts payable CV to emphasize these skills and providing specific examples of how you’ve applied them in your career will make your Accounts Payable CV stand out to potential employers.

A template accounts payable manager CV

Here is a template format that you can use while creating your accounts payable CV:

[Full Name]

[Telephone number] and [Business email address]

Professional Summary

[Insert a succinct summary of your qualifications for managing client success, including your training, experience, talents, and aspirations]


[Title of the Position] | [Start and End Dates]

[Name of Company]

  • [Action verb] + [Work duty] + [Effect]
  • [Action verb] + [Work duty] + [Effect]
  • [Action verb] + [Work duty] + [Effect]
  • [Action verb] + [Work duty] + [Effect]

[Title of the Position] | [Start and End Dates]

[Name of Company]

  • [Action verb] + [Work duty] + [Effect]
  • [Action verb] + [Work duty] + [Effect]
  • [Action verb] + [Work duty] + [Effect]


[Qualification obtained], [Name of the Institution], [Year attained]


[Related skills] | [Related skills] | [Related skills] |[Related skills]


[Certification], [Certifying body], and [Year of acquisition]

A sample manager of accounts payable CV

You can use the following sample accounts payable CV as a guide when creating your own:

Edward Miller

09123 456 123 |

Professional Summary

Skilled accountant with more than four years of experience in the field. Worked with different businesses to introduce new technology while establishing and maintaining financial collecting strategies. Good interpersonal skills for creating and maintaining relationships with clients.


Accounts payable manager | October 2022–Present

ASCII Accounting

  • Oversee performance assessments for team members and help with coaching options to promote the capacity building as you collaborate with a group of 35 professional accountants distributed across several locations to ensure work is performed to a professional level.
  • Developed fresh cost-cutting strategies that over three months, decreased departmental expenses by more than 10%.
  • Conducted numerous research studies for the organization on innovative payment automation systems and other breakthroughs.

Accounting clerk | August 2019–September 2022

Crawford Affiliates Inc.

  • Generated and reviewed bills, invoices, and deposits via the telephone for customers so they could make payments
  • Assisted with processing a variety of payments while adhering to tight regulatory criteria.
  • Processed any pending purchase requisitions and vendor payments regularly.


Sheffield University, Bachelor of Science in Accountancy


Client service, problem-solving, accounting, teamwork, arithmetic, and attention to detail


Accounts Payable Professional Certification, 2021

Professional Affiliations

Accounting Payable Society UK Chapter, 2021


An accounts payable accountant’s duties include updating the database with new purchases, sales, receipts, and payments. The duties listed in this job description sample also include processing all incoming invoices for payment, validating payment vouchers, responding to vendor inquiries, and checking accounts for longer terms.

In conclusion, crafting a well-structured and compelling Accounts Payable CV is essential for professionals seeking roles in this critical financial function. A strong Accounts Payable CV should highlight your relevant skills, experience, and accomplishments in managing accounts payable processes, vendor relations, compliance, and financial record-keeping. Tailoring your Accounts Payable CV to match the specific requirements of the job you’re applying for is crucial. Additionally, showcasing your ability to improve efficiency, control expenses, and contribute to sound financial management can make your Accounts Payable CV stand out to potential employers in the competitive field of accounting and finance.

Frequently Asked Questions on accounts payable CV

  • What function does account payable serve?

The financial, organizational, and clerical assistance of a business falls within the purview of the accounts payable department. They are in charge of tracking the company’s short-term debts, paying vendor bills and invoices, and making a payment the business owes to suppliers and other creditors.

  • What is AP on a CV?

A business’s AP and AR operations are managed by an expert in accounts payable and receivable. The completion of payable and receivable transactions is the responsibility of accounts payable and receivable.

  • How should you introduce yourself at the accounts payable interview?

Being specific about your accomplishments and strengths in a self-introduction is essential for an accounting interview. Give specific examples of how you differ from the other applicants. Your job history, skill sets, and critical strengths can come first, followed by your professional objective.

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