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5 Steps to Writing a Strong Freelance Tutor Resume

Knowing what details to add and exactly how to construct a freelance tutor resume will help you create a strong first impression and possibly increase your chances of landing a job.

An attractive freelance tutor resume that highlights their credentials and teaching style is essential for independent tutors who want to recruit students or land a job. When seeking tutoring employment, the first step is to make an impressive résumé. Knowing what details to add and exactly how to construct a freelance tutor resume will help you create a strong first impression and possibly increase your chances of landing a job.

In this post, we define a freelance tutor resume, list the abilities it should cover, walk you through the CV-writing process, and give you a freelance tutor resume template and sample.

A freelance tutor resume: what is it?

A one-page document called a freelance tutor resume is designed to highlight your abilities as a freelance tutor. Your freelance tutor resume serves as your initial point of contact with hiring managers or students, and its goal is to grab their attention. It features contact details and highlights pertinent credentials, abilities, and experience.

Resume skills for a freelance tutor

Soft and hard abilities are both acceptable to list on a freelance tutor resume. When sending your CV in reply to a job posting, make sure to emphasize any abilities that closely align with the job description. Using keywords from the position description to describe your talents is one method to achieve this. Listing industry-specific, subject-specific, or age-related talents will assist you in locating the type of job you’re searching for when seeking freelance tutoring employment with pupils of a given age or in a particular profession. The following competencies should be listed on a freelance tutor’s resume:

How to write a freelance tutor resume

You can follow these five stages below to write a strong freelance tutor resume:

1. Add your contact details

Create a header at the top of your freelance tutor resume with your first and last name, as well as your contact details. Add your city, state, business mobile number, and business email address beneath your name so that recruiters and potential employers may get in touch with you. You can also link to a website that you own that highlights your qualifications or client endorsements.

2. Compose a professional summary

Write a captivating professional summary in three sentences that emphasizes your qualifications as the ideal tutor for the position and goes below your contact details. When introducing yourself, outlining your experience, or highlighting noteworthy accomplishments, use powerful verbs. It’s advantageous to highlight teaching expertise or abilities in the position description. The professional summary’s purpose is to capture the reader’s interest and entice them to continue reading the freelance tutor resume.

3. Detail your strongest qualifications.

List any pertinent qualifications and strong points that set you apart from other tutors in this section. Make a comprehensive list of your soft and hard abilities using brainstorming as a preparation tool for your skills section. You can then choose the abilities that are most pertinent to the position while creating your freelance tutor resume for a particular role as a freelance tutor. To help you tailor your CV, keep the list of talents on hand.

4. Point out relevant expertise

Your job history is listed in this area of your freelance tutor resume. Think about the jobs you held in the past that were related to the tutoring position. List prior experiences below, beginning by listing the most current tutoring encounter you had. Indicate the job description, dates of employment, and company information for each entry. Then, state the tasks, obligations, or accomplishments associated with each role. Use five bullet points to describe your present role and three bullet points to describe your past roles. When feasible, use statistics and data to highlight your accomplishments.

5. Include details about your education

Include information about your academic background, including any honors or further certificates, near the end of your freelance tutor resume. Your resume’s education section needs to be succinct and concentrate on relevant qualifications and courses. A bachelor’s degree in a related discipline is frequently mentioned on the resumes of successful independent tutors.

How Should a freelance tutor resume Be Formatted?

Think about a wealthy student who needs tutoring. If she finds the perfect tutor, she’s willing to spend $100 per hour. She takes your freelance tutor resume in her hands. She desires your help in avoiding receiving an “F.” She then notices your shoddy formatting and several grammar mistakes.

The next competitor is now her focus. Your freelance tutor resume should appear to have been written by a Harvard graduate. The best format is reverse chronological. This is to allow everyone to view your best accomplishments, which are shown at the front of the class. Use large headlines and plain typefaces like Cambria or Arial. Extra points are awarded for including white space. Finally, save your document as a PDF to ensure that everything is in order. PDFs for private tutor resume maintaining their formatting. Resumes created in MS Word sometimes fail to deliver.

Advice: Cut it short! A freelance tutor’s resume shouldn’t include any information that won’t impress a potential student. A format that doesn’t bury your abilities behind a wall of text is ideal.

The best way to construct a resume objective or summary

The opening few lines of your teaching CV must be impressive. Both a resume aim and summary are capable of accomplishing that. The exceptional experience that qualifies you for the position is highlighted in your resume summary. Use a resume objective if all of your experience can be condensed onto a single small Post-it. These promote your talent and enthusiasm.

Here are two examples of resumes for private tutoring:

Samples of freelance tutor resume (Resume Summary)

What’s wrong with the first example of this math and English freelance tutor resume?


5-year veteran NTA Certified Tutor looking for a tutoring opportunity. Proficient in ACT and SAT tutoring as well as English, math, history, and interpersonal skills.

This is around a B-minus. Not particularly offensive, but not a perfect score.

However, observe what transpires when we add a few details:


Polite, NTA-certified tutor looking for a job at Skillshare with at least five years of experience. quite competent in tutoring for the ACT/SAT, English, and math. SAT, ACT, and GMAT scores in the top 1% or higher. 95% of clients provided good feedback, and most grades were raised by one letter.

Excellent work. The sizable payment is almost certainly on its way.

Resume Objectives for Two Entry-Level Tutors

Do you recall how we advised using a tutor resume aim if you are inexperienced? Typically, such only demonstrate talent and enthusiasm. However, if you include achievements, the curve would be significantly distorted.


First-time tutor looking for students or a new job. I don’t have much tutoring experience, but I’m a good communicator and teacher.

That sounds like you did not even read the book well before the exam. Let’s now add some nice details to offer it some more credit:


Dedicated tutor with experience in ACT and SAT instruction. Increased one student’s cumulative SAT score from 1100 to 1400. Carolina University graduate with a 3.19 GPA who oversaw a well-liked peer tutoring club for two years. Got an SAT score in the top 0.05% of all Americans.

The prospective employer did little more than sit up straight. But hold on. How could a novice tutor acquire that amount of knowledge? It only required a handful of hours of shoddy effort and some historical thinking.

Helpful hint: Your resume objective or summary for a private tutor is an elevator pitch. Include one or two impressive facts. They ought to persuade the reader to sit up and take notice.

How to Explain Your Tutoring Background

Here are Adam and Jane, two tutors.

Jane works in this field for at least ten years. Adam only recently began. He exudes enthusiasm. Which of them would you choose to employ?

If you have experience, it is crucial to demonstrate it in the best possible way on your tutoring resume. If your NTA Certificate still has the shrink wrap on it, you’ll need to quickly demonstrate some experience. Here are two experienced tutoring CV samples to get things started.

Example Resumes for Math and English Tutors with Experience


Demo Learning

English/Math Tutor


The outstanding exam score of our affluent client is almost too good to be true. Look at how the bullet points provide tasty evidence.

If you take away the measures, though, you find yourself wearing a silly hat:


Demo Learning

English/Math Tutor


There are no tasty treats. Similar to an alcohol-rubbed whiteboard. How would you fare if you lacked experience? Just have a glance at these two samples of English tutor resumes.

How to Create a Resume for an Inexperienced Tutor

If you give me a tutor who has no experience, I’ll give you a sign that they aren’t trying very hard.


Experience with tutoring: I’m a fantastic teacher, although I have not worked officially as a tutor yet.

Additional Experience:

Generic. If you have never taught before, how can you tell if you’re a good one?

Let’s add some flavor now to create the ideal tutor resume sample:


Experience with Freelance Tutoring


Voila. like the paintwork on a rocket from SpaceX. Excellent results. That is how to include private tutoring on a resume.

Feeling unqualified to complete the task? Accept a few clients who will pay you little from websites like SchoolSolver, StudyPool, or Fiverr.

Helpful Tip: Offer to help out some of your Facebook pals. Or simply recall instances when you’ve assisted people with their studies. On the résumé of a qualified tutor, they are all considered experience.

Is Your Education Section Underperforming? You Never Know

Education counts because you are a tutor. Your customers want to know that you excelled in the subjects they require assistance with. It all depends on how you present your credentials on a tutor resume. Your accomplishments ought to be as noticeable as an A+ in red ink.

First, the fundamentals:

Then include Mr. Miyagi-style accomplishments. Here are two samples of peer tutoring resumes:

Examples of Tutor Resumes [Education]

These two examples of university tutor resumes emphasize English and math skills.


Liberal arts degree

2013–2015: Duke College


Liberal arts degree

2013–2015: Duke College

Generic is a variable that is not defined. You would not employ this applicant to teach you how to multiply two numbers, based on that sample resume for tutoring. You become irreducible again when the details are added.

Helpful Tip: Should your GPA be listed on your resume for a tutoring position? You can ignore it if it’s low and concentrate on your significant achievements instead.

How to List Skills on a freelance tutor resume

Think of a crackling fire. A wealthy customer with an iPad is sitting on a couch close to it. He is looking through 150 resumes for tutors. He has a cornfield-like crease across his brow. Why? because the list of skills on every resume is the same. Even worse, nobody offers any evidence for it. He then discovers your resume. His frown fades away like a poor ACT score that is improved upon. What’s the secret, then? You displayed your expertise.

Such as:

Samples of Tutor Resumes [Skills]

Consider yourself a math and English tutor. You consequently mention English, math, SAT assistance, and performance enhancement on your tutoring résumé. But you go beyond that. You further demonstrate them in your bullet points, as shown here:

Your ability to complete the work will be demonstrated to the hiring manager by your demonstrated talents.

Need some resume-building abilities for tutors to get started? Look at the list below.

List of Tutoring Skills to Include in a Resume

Let’s start you off right with a list of talents for example tutor resume. Your insights and online employment descriptions for tutors can be added to the list.

Soft Skills

Hard Skills

If you follow the aforementioned strategy, Frodo will perceive your teaching resume as Gandalf’s resume.

Helpful hint: Post flyers on campus notice boards or advertise on Fb and Twitter to get tutoring positions. Include a contact form where clients can ask to see your college tutor résumé.

Template for a Freelance Tutor Resume

Your freelance tutor resume must be well-organized and include the appropriate content and keywords. An organized freelance tutor resume that follows the proper format typically appears more sophisticated and is frequently simpler to comprehend. To produce a correctly written freelance tutor resume, utilize the following template:

[The first name] [Last name] [Degree or certification, if relevant]

[Mobile number] [Email address] [Town] [State and zip code] [Optional link to the digital portfolio of pertinent jobs]

Professional Summary

[Two or three sentences highlighting years of experience, pertinent abilities, degrees or qualifications, and professional accomplishments.]


[Skills] | [Skills] | [Skills] | [Skills]

Professional Experience

Title of Position | Dates of Employment

| [Town], [State] | [Organization Name]

Title of Position | Dates of Employment

| [Town], [State] | [Organization Name]


[Educational qualification and major]

[Name of the institution]

Example of a freelance tutor resume

A thoroughly thought and well-written CV might help distinguish you from other prospects. Examples of resumes for independent tutors will provide you with ideas for how to present your experience and credentials. To assist you in creating a freelance tutor Resume, use the sample below:

Inga Herman

111-222-3344| | San Francisco, California

Professional Summary

Freelance teacher with seven years of expertise teaching mathematics who is friendly and competent. Expert with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics who is motivated and vivacious and who excels in communication. adept in demystifying difficult mathematical ideas to improve pupils’ comprehension.


Comprehensive mathematics | personalized coaching | exam planning | empathetic behavior | time management

Professional Experience

Freelance Tutor | August 2020-Present

San Francisco, California | Self-Employed

Academic Teacher | July 2017–July 2020

Math Expert Tutoring | Claremont, California


Maths bachelor’s degree

Highlands College, Claremont, California


A freelance tutor resume is just as important as one for any other job application because it effectively sums up your qualifications and experience for the position. Because of this, if you want to get hired as a tutor by potential students, you must make sure your tutor’s CV is well-written.

In this situation, every relevant experience, talent, and accomplishment for the job should be listed on your CV. Additionally, a well-written tutor CV highlights all of them without being overly wordy.

Naturally, while applying for tutoring opportunities, your freelance tutor resume is only one component of what you’ll need; a strong cover letter is also required to complete the application.

Because it enables you to go into further detail about why prospective customers should hire you, a cover letter is a great addition to your freelance tutor resume. It’s a direct message to your client outlining why you’re the ideal candidate for the position.

That being said, if you’re unclear on how to create one, you can start by looking through our collection of cover letter samples.

Frequently Asked Questions on freelance tutor resume

Start with the area where you live. You can reach out to the families in your neighborhood and offer your assistance.

When you do excellent work, they’ll be more inclined to refer you to others, which will not just help you earn more expertise as a tutor but also increase your exposure.

It does, indeed. Listing tutoring on your resume demonstrates to prospective employers and recruitment agencies that you possess the necessary skills to collaborate with others and aid in their understanding of more challenging subjects.

An experienced tutor is skilled at fostering academic growth and advancement in all types of pupils. A background in leading support groups and one-on-one sessions based on the needs and abilities of the students. Aspire to add fresh pupils.

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